"To accomplish anything you must write something down."



My Story 

Connector, Entrepreneur,
Speaker, CPA

Hello! Thanks for visiting my page. My name is Jonathan David Frost - I go by "JD". I am a husband, father, and recovering alcoholic. I began my career as a CPA working at a public accounting firm. While working as a CPA, I personally advised companies on how they could improve their financial foundation -- and in turn, their business. After completing my MBA, I founded my own accounting firm in 2012, personally experiencing the challenges and rewards that come with building a growing business. Over the years, I've helped countless businesses increase their revenue and get to the next level, using my own personal entrepreneurial experience, my financial expertise and my business background to help others reach their fullest potential...






My Vision

Integrator, Entrepreneur,
Speaker, CPA

My vision is to become an internationally recognized thought leader in accounting and wealth creation by helping others change the way they think. I am energized by integrating new and existing relationships to help people build courage and create wealth. I want to help you change your behavior through daily action to help your reach your personal, professional, and financial goals.

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