My Story

Jonathan is the founder of J.D. Frost & Co., a financial accounting firm that specializes in helping develop successful businesses. He began his career as a CPA working at a public accounting firm. While working as a CPA, he personally advised companies on how they could improve their financial foundation -- and in turn, their business. After completing his MBA, he founded his own accounting firm in 2012, personally experiencing the challenges and rewards that come with building a growing business. Over the past 7 years, he’s helped countless businesses increase their revenue and get to the next level, using his own personal entrepreneurial experience, his financial expertise and his business background to help other companies reach their full potential.


You have to have a strong “WHY” to persevere on you journey to becoming a rainmaker and making a difference in the world. You will quickly lose steam and motivation without this foundation of a very important, strong ‘Why.’ What’s your why?

What Jonathan Does

As an entrepreneur with both a CPA and an MBA, Jonathan is a business adviser who takes a holistic, 360 approach when evaluating your business. He’ll look beyond the operational basics to help you uncover what you need to reach the coveted Stage 2 of your growth. With 6 years of experience running his own business, Jonathan intimately knows what it takes to start -- and scale -- a successful business, and he’ll work with you to build on your business’ foundation to take the next step forward.